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  • 10 | August
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MILWAUKEE Collection Agency collects MILWAUKEE commercial bad debt and consumer account receivables with an emphasis on the collection of judgments. We apply conventional collection methods and utilize a network of bonded MILWAUKEE collection law firms whenever necessary.

Uncollected debts cost businesses billions of dollars every year which causes a negative effect on the bottom line. Our company’s goal is to assist with solutions to maximize your profits and increase your company’s bottom line.

Call our MILWAUKEE office today toll free at (888) 378-8100 to customize a collection plan which meets your specific needs. We recognize that each and every client is important to our success. We treat each and every MILWAUKEE client, big and small, as if they were our only client.


Our independent investigators perform the following types of investigations on behalf of our clients.

  • Skip Trace MILWAUKEE Address Verification
  • Verify MILWAUKEE Employment
  • Identify Bank Accounts, Safety Deposit Boxes including Certificates of Deposits in MILWAUKEE
  • Locate Brokerage Accounts with Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds in MILWAUKEE
  • Locate Real Property, Motor Vehicles, Watercraft and Aircrafts in MILWAUKEE
  • Identify Liens, Judgments, Bankruptcies & UCC filings in MILWAUKEE
  • Identify Federal Identification Numbers and Social Security Numbers in MILWAUKEE
  • Review Credit Profiles in MILWAUKEE
  • Investigate Corporate Secretary of State Records in MILWAUKEE


We accept placements on our website or by fax and U.S. mail, whichever you prefer. All accounts are processed within hours after they are received. We will provide you with an acknowledgement within forty eight hours of receipt.

Our collection staff will begin working on your past due accounts within hours after being placed. We fax and or mail a series of letters, contact the debtor by telephone and continue working the case until we are able to effectuate a settlement in full, or arrange an amicable payment plan.

Our company’s objective is to negotiate a settlement of your case within seven (7) days. In the event that our collectors are unable to effectuate a settlement within thirty days the delinquent account will be reported to the national credit bureaus.

This derogatory information remains on a debtor’s credit report for a period of up to seven years alerting any prospective creditor to the debtor’s poor credit status. This provides leverage in collecting your outstanding debt.

There may be circumstances when we will be unable to recover your outstanding receivables through conventional collection methods. If we are successful in obtaining a valid address and have determined that the debtor has assets, we will recommend forwarding your file to one of our bonded collection attorneys. We have a worldwide network of bonded law firms who pursue debt collections through litigation.

In the event of litigation, you will be required to forward all out of pocket costs associated with litigation. No account will go to litigation until receipt of said out of pocket costs.

Our attorneys will not stop once a judgment is obtained. We emphasize the pursuit of assets through post judgment liquidation.


A company should establish a specific in house written policy for management of their accounts receivable from point of sale or service until the account becomes delinquent. It is imperative to have a plan of action to reduce bad debt in MILWAUKEE . You will find that most of your customers will pay as agreed as a certain number will pay once they receive a mild reminder. However, some will encounter a change in their economic situation due to illness, loss of employment, reduction in business earnings, etc. These are the debtors that our collectors will follow up with, obtaining insight into their specific situation and tailoring a plan that fits the debtors needs while still being acceptable to you. You will also find our services invaluable for the small number of debtors, rarely over 10% that require a more aggressive approach in collecting your outstanding receivables.

Today’s world economy is in the deepest slump in a generation. Time is of the essence in placing an account for collections. The older an account becomes, the lower your chances of recovery. It is critical to take proactive actions once an account receivable ages thirty to forty five days past its due date.

The chart below shows the United States Department of Commerce statistics on the effect of aging of debt. The age of each account determines their value.

As the age of MILWAUKEE debt increases the success of the collection decreases.



MILWAUKEE Debt Settlements are accepted only with your authorization. Legal actions are initiated only with your authorization. All funds recovered by us are placed into our trust account.

Disbursements to you are paid biweekly when said monies have cleared our bank. Your disbursement will be for the full amount recovered less our previously agreed upon contingency fee. In addition you will receive a monthly status report for all of your outstanding accounts.

Click on the phrase, COLLECTION AGENCIES, to download and print our Retention Agreement.

Upon execution of our agreement either fax or mail same to:

Phone: (954) 577-7700

Toll Free Phone: (888) 378-8100

Fax: (954) 424-0500

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