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"Hi Jeffrey We would like to thank you for assisting us in resolving the debt with this client quickly and efficiently. Your level of communication and the speed with which this was resolved was impressive Thank you"

--Elicia Dahroug

"Jeffrey was professional and very quick to get our clients to pay. I appreciate the service he provided and will definitely use him in the future. You won’t be disappointed!"

--Shea Talbort

"We have used YCS to collect on multiple past due balances over the years.  The rates are reasonable with no contract or hidden fees.  Jeffrey communicates every step of the way and his success rate is excellent."

--Chandler D. Alm Senior Accountant

"We were trying to collect on an account for months and within 24 hours of handing the account over to Your Collection Solution, we have a wire for the past due amount. I am so happy with the speed and level of service from Jeffrey. He is amazing and our go to guy when we need help collecting. "

--Brandy Moreta Operations Manager

"I contacted Your Collection Solution and told them the problem I was having collecting on a 6 month overdue invoice. The customer was completely ignoring my repeated emails and was always "in a meeting" when I called. After putting Your Collection Solution on the case the customer overnighted a check to me within 2 days! Needless to say I was amazed and very happy with the outcome. Thanks"

--Jon at Applied Magnets

"We have worked with Jeffrey Rosner for more than 4 years and any time I have an account I am unable to collect on, he has been able to recover our money for us quickly! Most recently I turned an account over to him that he was able to collect within the week. He always keeps me updated throughout the process. I know once I give the account to Jeffrey Rosner. I don't need to worry about it any more because Jeffrey will get RESULTS! I really appreciate your help!! Thanks! "

--Kim Polidoro Bay Guard Pool Services, Inc.

"I have used Jeffrey Rosner for collections and legal issues for several years. Your Collection Solution, Inc. work has exceeded expectations. The collection services they have provided have generated results with and without going to court. I mention that because some collection services indicate they have attorney's on staff and they don't. Being a business person you hope you never need collections service, but when you do, it pays to get the results provided by Jeffrey Rosner. "

--Tom Loumankin President Sky Way Enterprises,Inc.

"Jeffrey got us our money. He is very knowledgeable in what he does and got us the results that we so desperately needs. Thank you Jeffrey, we appreciate all you have done! "

--Richard & Janice Beaulieu

"Anybody in business like myself deserves to be paid. When Jeffrey and Corinne were brought in to collect from some clients who just refused to pay our bills, their unwavering determination and strong negotiation skills helped to resolve matters swiftly. Jeffrey's methods outperformed my clients attorneys bar none and we received payment! Go Jeffrey.. and I hope you can continue to help others in getting their money. Great job"

--Ronald M Business owner

"Your Collection Solution helps us recovering debts that are past due more than 360 days or more!! YCS effective in recovering debts because they understand which tactics and strategies are effective to our customer Thank You"

--Amy Fung AC Findings & Mfg. Co

"I am amazed at the efficient recovery process that Mr. Rosner uses, the process was simple and provided extremely fast results for our company. Very polite and professional, I highly recommend this firm, no need to look elsewhere. Thanks Jeffrey."

--Tirso Juver Juver Aviation Services

"I would like to thank you for the work that you did for us in collecting the debt that was owed to us, your company conducted itself in a professional manner. YCS will always be our first and only choice for any collection actions."

--Jeffrey Silverman  

"We have used Your Collection Solution, Inc., to assist with our delinquency collection for almost two years. In that time we have achieved great success in collecting past due accounts. They offer a professional service that I have full confidence in recommending for increased results for your company. "

--Lori A. Hughes Assistant Controller GATEWAY GOLF & CC Fort Myers, FL

"The purpose of this email is to thank you, and commend you, on successfully collecting funds on my behalf. Both you and Corinne demonstrated outmost professionalism in dealing with an extremely difficult and nasty person. This effort resulted in my receiving more money back than I deemed possible. I have and will continue to recommend others to your firm. "


"I have been working with Your Collection Solution for a number of years. When I contracted their services, I had little hope of ever recovering the monies owed to us. It was extremely disheartening to have worked so hard, only for the patients to ignore my requests for payment. Jeffrey and his staff are professional and dedicated to helping us get the money owed to us. I would highly recommend Your Collection Solution for all of your collection needs. "

--Fran Green Office Manager LIBERTY ORTHOTICS, INC.
New Hyde Park, NY

" I was happy to see YCS collect on an old promissory note of ours. The company was persistent in its efforts and professional to work with. "

Charlotte, NC

"Several years ago I obtained a significant judgment. I was unable to locate any assets or make any progress in collecting. Fortunately, I hired Your Collection Solutions! They located assets and assisted me in collecting on the judgment. I highly recommend them. "


"We have been using Your Collection Solution for about six months now and have been very happy with their professionalism and promptness. We have been very satisfied with the results from our investigations in this short amount of time. Your Collection Solution is on the cutting edge of a vastly changing industry on which most companies are merely trying to catch up. Thank You For All Your Help. "

--C. Brian Simpson Accounting Manager
Hilton Head, SC

"We have used the services of Your Collection Solution several times in the past few years to collect on bad checks we were given for work we performed for some customers. YCS was very competent and diligent in pursuing a successful result in each case. If you want to deal with a company you can trust for any of your collection needs, we highly recommend Jeffrey and his staff at Your Collection Solution. "

--Gary L. Ross President
Oakland Park, FL

"I have used the services of Mr. Rosner for several years. He is a true professional who provides top-notch services. His investigative abilities are exceptional and I would recommend him without hesitation. "

--G. GRINBERG, Esq. Attorney at Law
Manhattan, NY

"Your Collection Solution was able to do in months what we couldn't do in years. We wasted many hours on letters and phone calls to no avail. With YCS, all we did was sit and wait and we got our money! Thank you YCS! "

--Carlos E. Romero EVP, Technology
Roswell, GA

"We have been working with Jeff and Your Collection Solutions for more than 10 years and we have always found Jeff and his company to be efficient and successful at collecting our outstanding debts. "

--Robert Radler GLENN’S GREENERY, Inc.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

"We have used Your Collection Solutions for over five years. They have collected on the usual debts most businesses unfortunately face, but in one memorable case, they collected on a large judgment after the debtor failed to follow through with court ordered payment arrangements. The bank even complimented Mr. Rosner on his efficiency and legal expertise. We hate to have to use his services, but he and his staff are very efficient. Do not hesitate to contact him. "

Fort Lauderdale, FL

"We have been using Your Collection Solution for over 5 years now and their team has been very helpful in the collection and recovery of outstanding debt owed to our organization. I would highly recommend Jeffrey and his team. "

--David Alison USA TAX, INC. Palm Harbor, FL

"We hired Your Collection Solution, Inc. to perform a collection for a client who was one year past due. Your Collection Solution, Inc. was very responsive and diligent in attending to this matter. Your Collection Solution, Inc. was successful in negotiating a settlement within a few weeks. We were very pleased with the outcome. "

--Dave Liberman

"I just want to send a note of appreciation for the work you have done for us. You are fast and effecient and get rapid responses from many of our customers that we gave up on. We were quite suprised with a few of them that paid anything at all. Keep up the good work and thank you."

--Joe Savage

"We have used Jeff and Corinne Rosner's services for the last 7 plue years. At one point we turned a few accounts over to a larger nationwide firm and it was simply a joke in comparison to the work Your Collection Solution can provide. They are quick to respond, and they provide us with the facts we need in assisting us to receive our funds."

--Richard Johns Florida Community Association Journal

"I would like to thank YCS for collecting on an account for us that was not paying or even talking to us. This account was over 8 months old and the 1st day that our account specialist called, they sent the check in the mail that day! Amazing! Thank you so much for working with us and getting the money we were owed and deserved. I would recommend this company as well as Jeff to anyone needing a helping hand in getting money owed to them. Thanks again!"

--Ileha Surface Masters LLC

"I just wanted to say how happy we are with the performance of Your Collection Solution, from the initial account placement through actual litigation, you have exceeded our expectations! Thus far this has worked incredibly well. Great Job!"

--Aryn Pedowitz Adteractive, Inc