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Your Collection Solution, Inc.’s independent private investigators provide comprehensive asset investigations anywhere in the United States. Our asset investigators perform investigations for the following:

  • Locate individuals and corporations to enforce the collection of a debt
  • Enforcement of a judgment
  • Collection of a debt
  • Child custody matter
  • Identify assets prior to litigation
  • Verify assets prior to accepting a personal injury or medical malpractice settlement
  • Probate estate matters
  • Divorce Investigation

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Our independent asset investigators perform the following types of investigations:

  • Skip trace address verification
  • Verify employment
  • Identify hidden bank accounts
  • Identify safety deposit boxes
  • Locate certificates of deposits and money markets
  • Identify nationwide brokerage accounts
  • Locate real property
  • Locate motor vehicles
  • Locate watercraft and aircraft
  • Identify liens, judgments and UCC filings
  • Identify bankruptcies
  • Locate FEIN and Social Security Numbers
  • Identify corporate Secretary of State records
  • Review credit profiles

All investigations must be in compliance with the Gramm Leach Bliley Act, Fair Debt Collection Practice Act and Fair Credit REPORTING ACT. All investigations must have a permissive use in order to proceed with the investigation of the case.

All investigations are conducted behind the scenes. The investigators have no contact with the subject. Once the investigation is complete our investigators will provide you with a detailed report.

The report will outline their findings of assets and liabilities of the individual or corporation. This critical information will assist you in establishing the facts regarding your case so you can make the right decision.

Once our independent investigators have completed their investigation, our firm’s bonded collection attorneys will provide the legal support necessary.

All searches are performed legally, therefore our firm requires the requesting party to have a valid need to perform an investigation. In order for our investigators to perform an investigation the requesting party is required to execute our permissive use form by clicking below.

Each assignment must be documented and signed, providing copies of the original judgment, child support claim, death certificate, lawsuit or validation of an outstanding debt. All investigations must be paid in full prior to the commencement of an assignment. Your Collection Solution, Inc., and their independent private investigators are not responsible for the outcome of the investigation.

All address skip traces are completed within twenty four hours. A nationwide real property search typically is completed in two business days. When conducting a comprehensive asset search the turnaround time can vary from ten business days to three weeks. However, our investigators may encounter situations where it may take longer. Our investigators will work your file for a period of twelve months.

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