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  • Are you unable to collect the money that is owed to you?
  • Are your judgments collecting dust?
  • Do you want to remove the stress and hassle of collecting your judgment?
  • What is your time worth?
  • Are you ready to collect your money?
  • Your Collection Solutions, Inc., collects judgments nationwide that are in excess of $3,500.00
  • If you answered yes to these questions, we can help.

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Why has your judgment been uncollected?

  • You had to file a law suit to obtain the judgment.
  • The debtor still did not pay.
  • If the debtor was going to pay you they would have done so already.
  • Fact: 75% of all judgments in the United States are never collected.
  • Your money is all but lost unless the debtor and their assets are actively pursued.
  • The difference between success & failure in post judgment collections is determined by the quality of information which is obtained on the debtor.

The money is not going to fall from the sky.

How do we collect judgments?

  • We have a nationwide network of independent private investigators that locate hidden bank accounts, safety deposit boxes, certificates of deposits, money markets, and brokerage accounts.
  • In addition, our investigators verify real property, motor vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, credit and employment.
  • All investigations are conducted legally pursuant to the Gramm Leach Bliley Act.
  • Investigations are performed behind the scenes without the debtor’s knowledge.
  • Once assets or employment has been identified, one of our firm’s nationwide bonded collection law firms can assist in the enforcement of your judgment
  • We work strictly on a contingency fee; therefore our interests are aligned with yours. You will only be required to pay a nominal retainer for our independent investigators to conduct the necessary asset searches.
  • Your Collection Solution, Inc., does not require you to assign over your judgment.
  • You will always retain ownership of your judgment.
  • All we ask is that you allow our firm a minimum of ninety days to investigate & collect your money. Your Collection Solution is your solution to recover your judgment. We will recover the money to which you are legally entitled.

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